Your inner child needs love

The inner child within you is waiting! The inner child as a baby confidently asked for whatever he/she wanted but then the environmental conditioning by parents teachers, society, the culture and religion we follow started to overshadow the child. And the poor thing got buried under all the expectations, judgments, criticisms (self and others), conditioning and got lost somewhere. Connect with the inner child within you and ask "what would like to do or hear today" and shower him/her with love, praises, compliments and whatever the child within wants to do.

Make time for him/her today. You will surprised as to what all comes up when you have that conversation with the inner child within you.

I am going to tell my inner child that I love her just the way she is, I am so proud of her, she doesn't need to be anyone else or anything more, I accept her just the way she is. What will you say?

Let me know what you will say or said and let's go through that journey together with love.

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