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If you think dis-ease causing thoughts, thoughts of worry, fear, doubt, then that what you become a sum total a vessel of fear, doubt stress.. a walking talking fear, stress, doubt, anger machine.

The 50 trillion cells that are you, they are like little minions following you wherever you go. But not just physically they follow you the GRU ( if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know who am I talking about), you are the gru and those 50 trillions minions follow wherever you think & do. Then based on that collective EMOTION that is you- The ENeRGY in motion, radiates certain frequency on which you begin to vibrate.

The universe’s way to communicating with you is NOT Language it I Vibration. So based on the ENERGY the vibrations you project, the universe goes out, literally like Google sends out feelers to get the information you have asked for according to your vibrational code. (query you’ve put in google. Sorry IT guys for not fully getting in the IT dynamics but this serves my purpose)

The universe sends the people, takes you to places, gets you the thing that which you have asked for based on the consistent thoughts you have thought.

You may complain that the universe/God doesn’t give you what you pray and ask for. But my dear it/he/she does and has given you’ve asked for. But you have asked for I unknowingly, unconsciously because you are thinking whatever thoughts you have are JUST self-talk, no one is listening but my dear sweetheart it isn’t just self- talk, it talks with the universe/god.

The universe is listening, taking notes.

When you do inner work through self-growth tools and techniques, via meditation, breathwork, therapy to release the subconscious root cause of all your issues. That’s when you undergo the same cycle of thinking>feeling> acting> vibrating>manifesting. But now you do it Consciously. By learning to give your thoughts awareness, which helps you to bring your feelings to the surface, highlight your consequent action that stemmed from it, understand the vibration you are creating and hence influence and manifest the desired outcome.

Just like in school we learned the rules of math's, physicals, or just like when you first learned, driving, cooking, coding, photography, healing, writing , any activity , you learnt the rules, the formulas the methods. Law of attraction or laws of the universe law of life operates the same way. Understanding is power. So first step to to understand what the laws, the rules are. Then you need a guru or teacher to guide you through the learning process ( just like in school), you then begin to practice whatever you’ve learned in the playground of the universe. You will get some answer aka situations correct some not correct. Even though in the playground of life, there is no right or wrong. The way we perceive a situation and the angle from which we are viewing it makes it seem right or wrong to us. But for the discussion here, lets say you get some answers right, others not. But with consistent practice you can ace this class. The fun part is there is no competition here, there’s not only room for 1 kid to ace, everyone can be at the top of the class, there is no comparison between all the co-creators, everyone has their own timeline created as per their journey and preestablished needs. It is journey where you are learning, sorry remembering actually. You’ve done this several times before, you are a soul experiencing itself or divinity or god whatever you want to call it, through your current identity. ( gender, physical attributes, family structure, personality traits, etc.) .

Just like in a video game, you have to collect points by performing certain tasks. The bigger the challenge, the hurdle, the more points you get. Your soul creates those hurdles an obstacle race course of sorts so that it’s physical manifestation in that particular scenario can grow itself by collecting the various attributes which are easily available but the physical self has forgotten that it has those attributes and qualities. So the game is basically how does the souls PM physical manifestation find it’s way, itself back to begin the soul by following the rules of the game.

Rules of the game are:

1) The soul can only gives hints, in direct signals, reminders but it cannot directly show up like in movies “sudden burst of light and the god shows up and says “My child this challenge is for youth build your resilience, or this one is for you to learn patience, humility, strength,

2) The bigger the challenge the bigger the muscle – muscle of strength, resilience, courage.

3) You, the soul have written the story yourself. No one else has the right to write your story

4) You chose every little thing about you- just like creating your avatar. You pick the color, type of your hair, eyes, body height weight, etc. you re the one that picks the players aka your soul group to play the game with you.

5) You give the players the characters for this one lifetimes story- one is supposed to be coming as your lover, other as mother, father, sister, husband, wife, friends. Then you pick the players for extended extra casting- boss, teammates, minor interactions.

6) The players are usually the ones that it has played with before. They are all changing the roles they play in each lifetime.

7) Some lifetimes aka video game a player plays a critical role based on the previous game played and points collected.

8) Based on what one owes, player a takes the role of debtor, player becomes the lender.

9) Parents and kid, couples, boss and employee, teacher- student etc.

10) Then once all is decided upon, The soul passed through the chamber of Erasal to go through the process of erasing your memory from the brain.

11) The CPU/ console aka the subconscious mind holds the hard drive with the complete memory which the PM will be accessing time to time to go play the game of life.

12) Based on the level attained in previous game, the player starts with that level.

13) One of the motives of the game is to collect the traits and attributes which weren’t acquired in the previous game. So the game scenario is created with people, situations in such a way that the challenges involve using those skills.

Kavita Taluja

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