Owning our qualities and limitations- Dark & light side

We all have our "DARK" and "LIGHT" side knocking on our shoulders trying to get our attention. Depending on what we focus on in our lives, we end up connecting to that side. Being a good or better person isn't that hard, all it needs is to give your self few minutes when a thought filled with jealousy, resentment, anger, hatred comes up, to see do I really need to pay heed to this thought. If you let the first thought go, your will be able to break yourself away from the chain of negative thoughts you could get stuck in.

And the more you use a muscle, a behavior, more solidified and strong it gets. Your LIGHT side always exits, it keeps trying to reach out to you, we keep shutting the door to it cuz we are so occupied thinking thoughts of jealousy, hatred, and for some (unfortunately) planning to pull the rug from under the close ones (supposedly) due to inherent jealousy and hatred within them. Well the biggest thing that these parties who live on the dark side and are extremely pro at covering it, is they loose on the peace of mind, good vibrations, good vibes and prayers of good people and eventually the holes they spend years digging for others, they eventually 100% fall into it, it may take days or even years but it does one gets away, the Harvey Weinsteins of the world also thought they were getting away, eventually it catches up to everyone.

So choosing "light" side may seem hard just for the few minutes , and nobody is expected to sacrifice major things n become a saint, just simple small Genuine actions go a long way (especially for those who measure relationships based on benefit they get, once benefit is done they jump to next target to suck them in). Cuz the seeds we Sow -good or bad, we and our future generations have to reap.


Our Good deeds, charity, kindness, help we give others goes down 7 generations, and they reap the benefits of our goodness. choose "Light" ..Choose "Good"... it may not get paid where you showed goodness, but it will come back to you 100%

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