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Path of Inner Work

Updated: May 6, 2022

The usual unrest in my chest

I try to get of it to my best

Am I going through another test?

The moon is also still in its crest.

My chest constricting waiting for a full breath

When will I be able to understand these cycles to their full depth?

Is this uneasiness mine

Can I allow myself to whine?

Am I picking up the vibes?

Is the moon causing the tides?

or are the people I am connected with sending me those vibes?

Do I pay attention to this anxiety?

Well, I have experienced them in full sobriety

Man do I get these experiences in a variety.

Am I going crazy? 

Oh Lord have some Mercy.

Why doesn't any of it make sense?

Why is this brain fog I am experiencing so dense?

How do I stop myself from feeling so tense?

What is mine what is not

How do I discern this, I thought?

These are the answers I always sought

An internal battle I always fought.

Listen to me, my inner self called

I have always been trying to reach you, it's time you recalled

I am so tired of this, I bawled 

Listen to me, follow my lead my love and you will be enthralled.

Look inside and your answers shall be there

You don't have to look elsewhere

You will get the breath of fresh air

It will end your despair.

Please take a Leap of Faith

It isn't like a wraith.

Let the things unfold

As I ask you to be bold

I have something beautiful in store

That will heal to you core

And make you believe in yourself more and more.

You may not be able to see the big picture

you may see glimpses that may flicker.

I got you my dear I got you

Even though you don't have a clue.

I will make sure to take your hand and pull you through

It will all make sense in the end

All that pain you have been through shall mend

You will see abundance in your life which is Godsend

You will no longer have to pretend.

Life will flow like a river 

And you will no longer be just be the giver

I promise you I will deliver

You will shine like gold & silver.

You will awaken like the phoenix rising

The world will see your uprising

The world will see your uprising 

By: Kavita Taluja

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