Make yourself comfortable with being uncomfortable

One of the Rules of the mind is "Mind always takes us to the familiar whatever we've known all our lives" it doesn't question, because it is just a tool like a computer where you put in a command and it processes the request for you.

So if we keep choosing one type of "hard" just because it's known and familiar to us we will never be able to get out of our comfort zone and accomplish anything.

Life's purpose, your dreams, goals lie out of the circle of comfort zone. We have to Make ourselves Comfortable with being uncomfortable for some time until the new habit, the new belief is created and imprinted in our minds. Once we do that then our minds start to work and give us directions based on the new command aka new beliefs. But first you have to decide what will be your "Hard":

- having the difficult conversation, fight for the relationship OR give in to egos, treat the other person like a toy and let something beautiful fizzle away to be someone else's treasure - squeeze in 30 minutes for workouts OR hours of appointments with doctors, -30 minutes of meditation/inner reflection to give yourself the charge, the boost to save your body mind and soul OR take pills, go for surgeries, treatments or worse (God forbid) chemos. (Sorry this isn't morbid it's reality) - 30 minutes of reading and investing in educating yourself to get the next promotion or sales OR sit in vain complaining of your kismet I.e luck - staying in a relationship cuz of history where you aren't valued or getting back in return what you are giving OR remove yourself from the equation because you choose to honor n love yourself more This reminds me of the old Indian advertisement for helmets "Sir hai apka marzi hai apki " I.e. The head is yours, choice is yours too ( translation to English sometimes kills the meaning of the sentence but I tried nevertheless..LOL) Choose your "Hard" to all

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