International Men's day

Happy International Men’s day On this special day, I think what needs to be talked about is the term “Toxic Masculinity”. Toxic masculinity is when from eons men are told to supress their emotions, not express or they will be considered weak or lame. “You are a boy, stop crying” When a man is about to express emotions, other men say, “be a man” Having and Feeling emotions is being HUMAN. I don’t know why being a ROBOT, well if you can’t express freely, can’t communicate from you heart, you are being asked to be a ROBOT. is considered acceptable. It is against humanity, I would say.

Because these boys grow up to be men that have problems making solid connections, having deep emotional love because how can they connect and understand the feelings of another human being aka. their partner when they are completely disassociated from their own.

Boys that are encouraged to NOT equate crying or communicating their feelings, with WEAKNESS will be empowered men. Since they would’ve been taught to acknowledge and understand emotions, instead of running away from them. They will not be the ones to rebuff, ridicule, or label women as crazy for being expressive.

On the other end of the see-saw- When we go beyond these gender-based stereotypes which encourage disconnect from the heart & the inner self, we encourage openness. We help create a balance. We create a safe place for boys & men to express where also they won’t be made fun of or attacked for their feelings. Men can and will be better, aware, and healed when they are allowed to be HUMAN. It’s time we rise above these stereotypes and end “TOXIC MASCULINITY”

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