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The Science Behind Manifesting:

Updated: May 6, 2022

When you focus on your problems/issues pain you are living in the past because you are basing your current feelings and scenario on something that happened in the past. When you are living from the past, playing the victim, you are placing the reason of your problem outside of yourself- to the event, a family member who is causing it, the job, economy etc. your energy attention is outside of you. Your thoughts are the electric energy within you that create chemical reactions within your body. When you attach feelings and emotions to the thoughts of bad boss, bad job, fat, sickness, the mind cannot tell the difference between good or bad. It measures what is important to you based on the emotions you attach to it. It thinks that’s what YOU REALLY want, and it makes a note to remind you as often as possible. The body follows what the mind says, and mind follows it back. The body eventually gets addicted to the chemicals of pain & suffering. You create that same cycle everyday. Your magnetic field i.e., your feelings & emotions gets shot and it begins to carry the vibrations of pain & suffering.

Then your electromagnetic signature becomes that. You broadcast that signature onto the universe like the batman signal and instead of the good cop you attract the bad cops. The universe is pure potentiality, where based on our energy signature the type of BEING we are , we manifest our reality from the unmanifested. Your body becomes your unconscious mind that reflects the internal environment. Like a magnet you pull more pain and suffering from the field of pure potentiality. You are living from your past and creating a future exactly like your past.

For manifestation to occur, your electromagnetic signature should be of the energy, the vibration that you want to connect to and attract from the universe. You have to “BE-come” “be” the energy, no amount of DO-ing will manifest the future you desire. Same thoughts, same feelings, same actions, same behavior same results. You repeat what you have DONE and BEEN then you stay what and where you are. The Universe speaks the language of “Silence,” of vibrations. If you are at the frequency of 103.5, and abundance that you seek is at 93.5, you will never connect. You have to vibrate at same frequency to catch what is being played on that station. When you do the inner work of moving from pain bodies, past learned behavior. You begin to take your focus from outside factors, to inside. You begin to slowly bring your power back to yourself. When the power, your focus goes inwards, your energy and attention is on inner power. The power begins to increase, the energy that is available to you increases. The energy stuck in the lower chakras where shame guilt, trauma, resentment is mostly stored, gets released. You have more energy available to you. The energy moves up to the higher chakras and your brain. Your brain now has the energy to begin creating something. Earlier the mind was constantly occupied in fighting battles, even though they existed only in the thoughts. The mind and the body cannot tell the difference between real and imaginary. So, both of them in the earlier situation were exhausted fighting imaginary battles and had no energy to dispense to create anything. Now when the energy ties get broken from past sour relationships, betrayal, health troubles, attack etc, the energy becomes available to the mind and body.

Now triple action takes place – your mind body connection gets improved, you have more energy to create, and your electromagnetic signature broadcasts positive peaceful vibration.

The universe is able to communicate better with you. It’s like trying to have a serious heart to heart conversation with someone on a roller coaster ride. The other person will go nuts trying to understand or comprehend or even relate to that message. Whenever you know you have to have an important relevant conversation you calm your nerves first, relax a bit, find a quiet corner make sure there aren’t any disturbances and then begin the chat. But for the universe we expect to create joy, peace, bliss when there is chaos happening within us.

The universe gets confusing signals and creates confused reality for us.

As we begin to practice connecting with our inner power, release more energy to be productive, we begin to form a habit, our vibrations begin to enhance each day. We begin to place our attention on what we DO desire, the universe knows what to work on it then it begins to bring in the resources, tools, people, situations, into our life that we require to bring our desires to fruition.

When we focus on thoughts of health, happiness, gratitude and prosperity, attach emotions to those thoughts by creating pictures of what we desire, we tell the universe what we want. The

You have to keep cleaning your vibes until the friction, stops and you are fully tunes in tapped in.

Change is not easy but has to be done in order for manifestation to occur. It’s like being on a trampoline, you have to push down and jump up for as long as to have to until you can see, then touch and then finally feel and jump into the floor you want to get into.

Universe follows the cause & effect principle, when you act, be abundance, success, healthy,

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