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The Life of Indian Brides

Updated: May 6, 2022

Once upon a time when the princess married into the “ROYAL” Family

Came in the whiners; What a land I come from oh poor me, I come to your castle to flee.The Tyranny of landowners is so hard, can you see.

Yes, off course, the mighty princess replied. I am here, you need not cry. Our kingdom is open to all land happy, sad, poor and dry.

She whisks away to prepare the royal feast, the whiners needed to be treated well since they lived in the land of the beasts.

Time passed by the mighty queen toiled and sweated, to make her kingdom a land of love and joy where no one regretted.

The loud sound of the king’s and queen’s gong as usual made the mighty prince jump to attention, for it was time for him to attend to the king’s privation/petition.

The princess wanted more of the mighty prince’s attention, but she also admired him for his motherly & fatherly devotion.

He ran and jumped when summoned, his comfort and needs were never too important to be reckoned. The beautiful princess followed suit, for otherwise she realized it would turn her mighty prince into a brute.

The scrooges came hopping, speaking in unison with their conjoined heads bobbing.

Here we come oh mighty princess, feed us, serve us, for we are from the land of emptiness.

Oh my! the princess felt, let me feed them for they come from the barren belt.

They ate, munched, frolicked around the palace, while the queen toiled away to make their experience flawless. For the land of emptiness, they come from.

Then loner princess of dowager came through everyone must bow, she faces hardships and love and partnership for herself she cannot allow.

The princess opened her arms for the loner princesses and her commoners, for she knew they were part of royal family not foreigners.

The princess extended her love, as she was raised to be the benevolent and do for others beyond and above.

When the sun turned its way, moon paved the way for the stars to shine, the mighty princess removed the heavy weight of her jewels, her exquisite attire, and the price she paid for being benign.

Days and years passed, and the weight of managing the kingdom amassed.

The Might king and queen were royal after all, the prince and princess had to cater to their calls.

The day came when the king couldn’t walk, but he retained his authority, and no one could squawk.

The obedient prince jumped at the sound of the gong, carried the king on his shoulders as to the king he belonged.

The princess watched from afar, appealed to the mighty prince to stop his allegiance that was close to being bizarre.

For he was the son of the king the ruler with justice for the masses to bring, a martyr he was not to be, why could he not see.

The princess rode into the town, disguised as a clown,

Wanted to be free of her role, that was taking a toll.

She laughed fully, as she felt free to act silly.

The eyes of the mighty king & queen were not there to judge, she could be herself and not cause the pricey royal image to drudge.

She started to like the getaway, as it gave her a place to hideaway.

Different masks she wore, no one can find her identity she swore.

A bright shinning light she passed by, she couldn’t take her eyes off it was because it felt like a high.

A faint whisper of her calling is what she heard, that is nothing she self-assured.

The calling was like Deja Vu, she asked herself “oh my god am I falling for some kind of woo woo?”

She pondered each day, as she tried to access that calling daily but in dismay.

She would sneak back into the palace, put on her robe and her smile, hide her sorrow, and looked flawless.

The princess’s work was always monitored by the royal patriarch, since it had to be make sure she passes the benchmark.

She was made to feel her work was never good enough, and she sadly fell for that bluff.

Like clockwork, the royals made their daily demands, the princess gave in to their commands.

The Whiners, scrooges and loner princesses showed up in turns and it all became point of serious concerns.

The princess raised her voice to the prince once, and she was shut down immediately and made to feel guilty for months.

She would ask the prince, “why would the king and queen be so mean?

She couldn’t understand yet, why would the prince being with his wife be seen as threat.

Why couldn’t the scrooges be helpful, they no longer come from the land of dreadful?

Each one of them had a reason, when will be our season?

The whiners will never come from gratitude and own up to their share of responsibility with fortitude. The Loners princesses have their story, but if they choose then they can find their glory. But alas!

The royals helped you in despair, my dear prince, but for you to give up everything for them isn’t fair.”

“Why is instead of your smile I always see a frown, aren’t you ever thankful for I gave you the crown. Look around at the luxuries I gave you, why can’t you appreciate all that and not act like we enslave you?” asked the prince from the princess.

She replies with sorrow “You ask me serve all of them without question and don’t see the need for intervention.

Serve them is what you ask for, and a queen is not what I feel like thus far.”

The princess finds herself crawling, to the bright divine light that she knows now is her calling.

She’s in pain, and screams for the divine light to open the door for her but in vain.

‘You come here to run away, that’s not what this opening is for let me convey,’ says the divine light.

You can come into the light, only when you are not focusing on your plight.

You carry too much weight of sorrow, pain, anger, and resentment, you must remove that for you to achieve atonement.

You have to accept everyone the way they are, learn your lessons and THEN come this far.

“You want me to keep suffering, the pain of prince always choosing me last, what accolade do I get for hustling?” She cries and asks.

“No, my dear, building your boundaries is your lesson, standing up for yourself is your path to ascension. But you cannot be angry at the souls, they do not know any better, if you stay like this you will forever be their debtor.

They come from land of lack and fear, you have to accept them, let go and be clear.

Do the clearing in your heart, remember forgiving and loving is an art.

The light will THEN come to YOU my child, and sadly we can’t wait because we don’t remember the last time you genuinely smiled.

She dragged herself back, feeling frustrated for being back on the familiar track.

The prince oblivious as always to her pain, running errands to make the royals happy but in vain.

She cried, and cried and put herself to sleep, for she knew had to surrender and weep.

She ploughed through painstakingly, going through the iterations of surrendering, forgiving, letting go making sure she doesn’t go back to her angry self mistakenly.

The cycles continued as she washed away the hatred, in order to feel elevated.

The prince saw the transformation, wondered what was her motivation.

She looked at her prince who had a golden, gentle, loving heart, and badly wanted his martyr syndrome to thwart.

She knew the day had come for her to join the light so bright, and not be with the prince if he didn’t wake up to heal from his plight.

Her gentle nudging and appeal for balance, lead to longer and longer periods of his absence.

She held his loving charismatic face, and said with gentle grace.

“ I tried and fought for us, but it is time it’s on me that I focus.

I cannot be living in a world of lack, fear, and control because as humans our journey revolves around us becoming a whole.

I have to say goodbye my love, for the divine light calls me and I want to fly above.

I wished and hoped you would heal, but you’d rather I kneel.”

She was about to say more and prolong, when she heard the loud sound of the royal gong.

She smiled and looked at him, as she knew he would have to run to cater to the whim.

This time, he paid no attention and ignored the gong, but she said you’ve taken to long.

She had been waiting for him to show up, for the mighty royals to grow up.

She waited for him to chose her just once, but he was more focused on keeping fronts.

It was too late now, he was fighting to find a way to stop her but didn’t know how.

He hadn’t practised for years, how would he know now how to wipe her tears.

He stood there watching her in pain, as she travelled into the other world to reign.

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