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My Story
Are you having a hard time losing that weight or do you lose it and it comes back again?
You can’t just seem to get that love back that you keep giving to your partner?
You work the hardest but success seems to slip away every time you get close to it?
You are working 9 to5 but that just doesn't satisfy you anymore? Do you feel in your gut you are meant for something bigger in life?
You have everything but you still feel a lack, an emptiness, something is missing in life?
You feel like you don't fit in the world and sometimes feel like you are going crazy?

If you have any of these issues, welcome to my club. I have painstakingly been through each one of them wondering why is it just me, wondering doesn’t God or universe or whatever you may wanna call it, love me? Why did I have to go through such hardships and such hard lessons? 
I had gained about 80lbs extra after my son’s birth which I did remove easily than others. But the others ones were a killer for me, climbing the corporate ladder or becoming a successful entrepreneur. Success would escape me every time I would get close to it. The hard work I would put in, the extra hours (more than the others around me) never seemed to make the mark. I did everything right but every time hope would rise within me and get brutally slashed. Not to mention the heartbreak from the bitter taste of failure. 
I had a seemingly perfect marriage in the eyes of the world but my husband and I kept drifting away like two boats in the river, we would long for each other but just didn't know why were we drifting apart. We knew that there was love on both ends but there always seemed to be something missing. We didn’t know that it was my lack of self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem with codependency issues that had led me to push him away. And on his end, it was his martyr syndrome for his widower father, his single mother sister, and his extended family with severe lack, selfishness, unhealed personalities that kept sucking his love and energy away from me. 
To add to the mixture, I had this gnawing ache, pain in me constantly yearning for something more. I felt like there's gotta be more to life than just studying, getting a job, getting married, having kids and grandkids. I questioned the fact that even animals procreate and reproduce then what's the difference between us & them? I used to wonder that there has to be a bigger purpose to life than this day to day mundane tasks, relationships, life and death, and then back again. 
Well, my joy began in 2006 as a reiki healer when, I kid you not, I was walking by with my mom by a reiki camp and I suddenly turned around and walked in as if someone had just pulled me in. 
The reiki masters had rarely seen walk-ins but my teacher Satinder Bhaiya closed his eyes studied my energy and said “Bitiya ki energy to pehele he bahut strong hai” meaning “This child’s energy is already very strong”. One thing lead to another I got level I and II certifications.
Then my next life-changing chapter began when I met my GURU, it was like Dejavu. It was like the first drop of water on dry heated sand in the desert. The feeling of air getting into your lungs after being stuck underwater. Even though I had started doing reiki and Simran (jap, mantras) & so on but the initiation done by him on me with the first Shambhavi Healing Energy, took my healing journey to another level. His name is “Avdhoot Shivanand” the founder of “Shivyog foundation” with millions of members worldwide. The rest of my last 10 years have been dedicated to intensive Sadhanas aka meditation practices, protocols, retreats at his ashram and all around the world. Each initiation led to more and more inner cleansing of limiting beliefs, lower vibrational energies such as anger, resentment, shame, guilt, lack of love, lack of confidence, doubts, fears, past life karmas, ancestral traumas, health, and mental issues. Piece by piece, inch by inch, issue by issue everything got weeded out of my physical, mental, etheric, astral, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 
My vibrations kept increasing day by day. It seemed like I was living a normal regular again but underneath all that massive shifts were happening within me.
Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy, facing your demons, recognizing your own shadows, acknowledging those limitations, faults, imperfections within you, then making those shadows your friend. It seemed like an uphill ride. Well! not just an uphill ride, a ride that seemed like a path full of boulders, stones, and prickly pebbles, with no harness to hold on to when one slips, falls and gets bruised except the fact that your Guru is watching and monitoring your journey, leading and guiding you everywhere to make sure you don’t give up. Slowly gently with love, he kept lifting me up whenever needed. He helped clear out the dark, creepy shadows that lurked within my psyche, my past, and my energy bodies. 
I shook with fear, cried, and howled in pain, screaming I don’t want to do this. Then with love, my guru would hold my hand, pick me up, send the healing light and energy to me, help me stand up and walk again. And I would repeat, regurgitate, regenerate, renew and rise again. 
Like the Phoenix rising, I rose from the dead, from the disassociation I had begun to feel from my near-death experience as a teenager where I was attacked and left to die. The trauma and the side effects of that incident had spilled all over into my life. But they were all removed from within me and I was BORN again. 
Here I am with 10,000 hours of practice just like the famous personalities as Malcolm Gladwell explains in his book “Outliers”, people who do things that go beyond the realm of the ordinary. From business tycoons, programmers, geniuses to rock stars, all of them followed the 10,000- HOUR rule. 10,000 hours of practice for them to be at the level of the top few. 
My grilling, rigorous training wasn’t just at an ashram for a few years disconnected from the world. It was a training acquired on the job, meaning, while I was living my life, while I was handling the responsibilities of motherhood, with live-in father in law and sister in law who refused to help out, inconsiderate extended family, loving but martyr syndrome husband, while upgrading my education aka MBA CMA PMP, while working full time, and having a big social circle where somehow I managed to attract narcissistic friends. (typical story of Empath attracting narcissists). But those friends, in-laws, my husband were all just playing their roles to help me grow to the evolved higher version that I am today. 
I continued to enhance my skills by obtaining the certification of RTT( clinical Hypnotherapist) RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY-The new award-winning therapy methodology that doesn't take years & years or months & months to begin to show results (as the name suggests Rapid Transformational Therapy). Along with that, I  learned SRT- Subconscious Release techniques and equipped myself with Life coaching training. 
Now as I am embarking on my journey to be of service to others. I’ve realized my purpose to help others on their healing journey by using the Wisdom I have acquired from all these failures, the strength from the grueling trainings, the tools from diversified Methodologies, and the intensified & purified energy and vibrations from the energy healing practices. 
There was a purpose to my pain and now I DON'T want others to go through as much suffering and pain I had to go through. I want to and I am helping others move through the healing process much faster. I know very well the path on the treacherous mountain terrains called "life" so I now am Shepherding others to get to the top faster so that they can get on with their journey of helping others. 
One enlightened person can heal thousands of others. One lamp is enough to light a room or hall.

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