My Story

My name is Kavita Taluja. My personal philosophy got forged from my tormented past. At the age of 17, I was stabbed six times in the neck because I said "No" to a guy. I was blamed for bringing that upon myself, I was slut shammed.


As a child, I used to go to religious places in India and go straight to the head priest and talk to them as if I belonged there. One incident was when one self-realized guru asked me in Punjabi, "Aa gayi hain" "Came back?" others would just make me sit next to them and make me distribute servings to disciples. My parents used to get so confused. I used to talk about life & death, where we came from, about concepts way beyond my age.  


The energy that I bring into my hands when I am healing my clients now. I used to play with it until my late teenage years without knowing at that time what it was. But then came my teenage years, when as they say, I fell off track, I lost myself on to the wrong path. 


The guy from my high school begged me to talk to him for few minutes for he wanted to apologize to me for stalking me. I went off to the side road; that's when he pulled out a twelve (12) inch mini sword type of knife. It went in slow motion for me after that. I saw him pull it out; I froze, couldn't run. I stood there and watched. The knife went in, and out of my neck and shoulder repeatedly, I felt the warm blood over my body. My turquoise sweater and white skirt were drenched. The blood was oozing out like a fountain from different spots. 


My status dropped from school valedictorian, debate, dance, champion aka prodigy child to the untouchable slut- the girl who got stabbed. I died many deaths after that over the years. The humiliation and pain of the taunts of random guys calling me a wh*** and a slut. My aunt calling me 'shameless' for still laughing while lying in the hospital. Parents not allowing their daughters to hang out with me anymore. My parents not understanding what they or their intelligent, beautiful, vivacious (I was known as the girl who laughs a lot) did to deserve this. They still lovingly supported me. They never blamed me for the incident, unlike the rest of the world. That's what kept me going, but I also saw my father keeping a sword at home, wake up in the middle of the night to check around the house, my mom hiding from me and crying silently. My extremely loving parents and doting brother hiding the pain and the shame in their eyes from me. 


I gradually taught myself to conform, lose my identity, fit in, and be accepted by the world. I got into arranged married at 23. I was supposed to change the world, to teach the earthly beings about the divine world that is there to help everyone. But my life had already taken a different trajectory. I didn't think anyone would want to marry me. My nw identity had taken over. I was the worthless, shameless girl who was a disgrace to her family. So, when this good-looking great guy said yes to me, I became the dutiful wife, daughter-in-law, perfect mother, and ideal socialite (the life of the party). My lack of confidence, self-esteem, non-existent boundaries, and self-hatred let my dysfunctional in-laws and toxic father-in-law walk all over me year over year. Still, I stayed in this mentally abusive situation. The saving grace was my husband who does have gentle kind, soul which the family always knew to cash in on without any reciprocation. 


For me, it was very hard to handle, I went into severe depression, turned into an alcoholic. No one could see I was dying inside because I kept the perfect front. For the world, I was living the 'white picket fences life' but at the same time, "why are you always tired? Wow, you can't even handle simple activities like tobogganing; what? A strenuous workout gave you fever?' hearing comments like these was common for me.


I met my guru Dr. Avdhoot Shivananda-creator of ShivYog (science beyond science). That's when my journey back home (to my divine self) began. When I started to remember who I was. What was my true potential? I helped my friends through painful divorces, traumas, career, family issues throughout the years even though I was in pain myself. But I had mastered the art of numbing my own pain. The natural healer within me attracted severe trauma people into my life. All of them had suffered a parent's death from either being shot, breast cancer, accident, etc.


But then, as my own healing progressed, my vibration began to shift. I started to get back to healing outside of my friend & family circle. I began with folks within my ShivYog foundation (millions of followers), within the community, within the charity I work with while working as a project manager. Until recently, when I got the calling, I had been getting the calling for years, but finally, I decided to act on it. Earlier, I was terrified to ruffle the feathers. The terrible memory of 'the looks,' 'the whispers' behind my back terrified me. But then I decided to share my story in public. Now I am fearless. I know who I truly am; I am a powerful divine being. I am a born healer, writer & storyteller. I have a unique style of storytelling infused with practical wisdom and humor. I make the complicated concepts of human psychology, the mysterious laws of the universe easy to understand and apply to our lives.


There are still millions of people- women, LGBTQ community folks, young boys & girls, and men suffering from traumas due to cultural influences, bullying, societal & family pressures, intimate partner violence, and shift in the standard patriarchal structure. And there is an ongoing stigma when it comes to openly talking about it. 


People are still living a mediocre life like I was for the past 20 years. Just like me, they are born as a powerhouse of knowledge, wisdom, confidence, and capabilities. But the events of their lives and lack of knowledge on how to heal is making them feel helpless, hopeless, worthless like I did. They resign to destiny, thinking they have no power.


Over the years, I learned powerful kundalini, Yoga of immortals, and seven to eight (7-8) different modalities of meditation; I read thousands of books; took hundreds of masterclasses; attended training programs; I learned RTT -Rapid transformation Therapy (Hypnotherapy), and now I am going towards next level accreditation of Hypnotherapy.


My clients and I have experienced radical, phenomenal transformations within us. We are living proof to show that anything is possible and that dreams are achievable. My mission is to serve as the voice of change for "INNER HEALTH," change the way we view and treat traumas and inner health. Inner health is the driver and the indicator of outer health, wealth, success, and abundance. I am here to help the planet gain "Mastery over their inner environment."